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Sam Adams, My Cous…

October 26, 2013 James Riley
Some years ago, I worked this up for the Riley’s Farm website, and my cousin Lani reminded me of the details tonight…
Samuel Adams,
My Third Cousin 8 Times Removed..Or..
“Samuel Adams Great Grandfather, Henry Adams, was my 10th Great Grandfather.”
Henry Adams& Edith Squire
Ursula Adams Joseph Adams
| |
Stephen Streeter John Adams
| |
John Streeter Samuel Adams
| |
James Streeter

Samuel Adams

(Father of the American Revolution)

Amos Streeter
William Streeter
Lucina Streeter
Erastus Snow
William Spencer Snow
Beatrice Snow Winsor
Bea RileyBeatrice Winsor Riley
Jim rileyJames Patrick Riley
“At the close of the drill a hollow square was formed, into which advanced Major John Mills, then first selectman, who delivered to each man a quarter of a pound of powder, and vendued their dinner for the coming muster-day to the lowest bidder,
the materials for which were to be, as declared in his own words, ‘good fresh beef, well baked or roasted, good wheat bread well baked; good old cider or new cider well worked.”–Edward Field, The Colonial Tavern

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