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Pastor Randy Gibson

June 10, 2015 James Riley

Tavern TalkThis may scandalize a few of my Baptist and Nazarene friends, but I hope heaven will be something like a tavern.  I can’t imagine the Lord High King of the Universe objecting to good food, fine wine, and stories well told; and, so long as we all understand we’re not talking about perpetual servitude, how could He object to tavern maids bringing you beer?

Some of my best memories have taken place in grills, bistros, steak houses, taverns, and night clubs, because — so long as the music isn’t too loud — that’s where we all covenant to relax and share good conversation.  If I had my way, I would tavern and pub my way through England and Ireland, collecting stories.   Could there be a better life?

So that’s what we’ve set out to do with “Tavern Talk,” celebrate conversation, ideas, food, and drink, more or less in that order.

This week’s episode with Pastor Randy Gibson is no exception.  Randy is a California native, Methodist pastor, father of three, and a good friend of Riley’s Farm and Colony Bay Productions.  In real life, we talk film, theology, culture — and that’s what we did here too, covering Methodism, George Whitefield, pastoral counseling, the Bill Gothard scandal, and Randy’s expert-level exposure to the frustrations of enduring Lyme disease.

Tune in! Watch the Free Preview below or the Full Episode Here for paid subscribers.

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