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“Courage, New Hampshire:” A Family Affair

June 28, 2012 Monique Lewis

It is true that when you pay a few dollars to watch Courage, New Hampshire, you are investing in all of the families that work on Courage.

These families work tirelessly, sacrificially, and selflessly to produce this show. Their amount of love, dedication, faith, and Courage is something to be admired.

I am new to the Courage, New Hampshire family, but just in the one month that I have been working on the marketing side of this show, this is the one truth that struck me the most powerfully — the love and dedication of the families that make this show a reality!

One of the families, who give so much of their time for the “glory” of this show, is my own family, the Lewis’.


Mike and Loretta Lewis at the Reagan Library.

My mother-in-law, Loretta Lewis, works as the lead hair stylist. She, too, is impressed by the “family-style” of the show.

“We are all working on the same thing. I am constantly surprised at the willingness of the people who give to this project.”

Loretta also noted that Courage is the product of several families.

“Everyone has something to contribute.  If one wins, we all win.”

Then she spoke of the sacrifice that her family gives to the show. It cannot be and is not the work of one family, and, this alone, makes it worth the effort.

“We give up vacation. We think that it is that important of a sacrifice. We don’t do it for a paycheck, we work on this show, because it is worthy of our time. We enjoy supporting our friends and family.”

Speaking as a “homeschooler” mom, she noted that her family can give such a sacrifice, because of the flexibility of her children’s schooling.  Loretta wouldn’t be as involved with the show if her children could not be as involved as well.

“We get the kids exposed to something that most people go have to spend years in school to do.”

Here is my brother-in law, Jack Lewis. He is on set, in costume, working as a part of the Sound Dept.

Speaking about being on a film set; she is also impressed with what she is able to take away after each “work“ day.

“I learn so much while on set. I am constantly impressed by all of the truth and history that I absorb. Every day is a history lesson.”

One of my sister-in-laws, Victoria Lewis, is the script supervisor. She works hard to maintain that actors say their lines correctly, according to the script. She also commented on how working for Courage is not just a job.

Victoria Lewis on set.

“This show has principles and value. In watching these episodes, you get to see people doing the ‘right thing’ when situations are not ideal. There are no shows out there like it.”

Victoria is really excited about working on the production of Episode 4.

“Once you see the number of people working, and the sacrifice each person is willing to give to the production, then you know that it is going to be a good show. At the end of the day, we all feel that we have accomplished something. Working on Courage is definitely satisfying.”

My entire family believes that Courage offers much appeal to viewers as it is pleasing to watch. In fact, my Father-in-law, Mike Lewis, who is the 1st Assistant Director, said that he believes that “Courage” will impact today’s culture in a positive way:

“We have the opportunity to make a show that people will actually want to watch over and over again. They will watch Courage, because it is a great story, the cast is marvelous, the costumes are authentic, and the ‘look’ of the episodes is something that I think people will find suitable for framing,” Mike said.

“The story itself sheds light upon the everyday struggles of small townships – stories that are not ordinarily talked about in history books, but that constituted the building of America,”  said Mike.

Mike also took time, like Loretta, to reflect on all of the sacrifices that his family and other families puts into the production of Courage, New Hampshire.

“It is definitely worth the journey, and we will keep pushing for this show until it catches fire.”

A picture of the entire Lewis Family at Nick and Hannah Riley's Wedding! (I am on the far left, with my husband, Mike and son, Zacary.)

So here is my shameless sales pitch: If you are a fan of “Courage,” please continue to contribute to our Indiegogo campaign HERE!

Please do this as you are not just investing in a well-crafted show, but you are investing in the lives of all who give so tirelessly and sacrificially to the production of this show.

I keep hearing and seeing that people want us to keep making great “art.” We cannot do this without you, your family, and your friends’ help.

Make your own “shameless” sales pitches!

Be Courageous!

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Let’s do this!!


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