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June 26, 2012 James Riley

Bob and Sarah and Annie

Hi, everyone.  Your director here, James Riley, asking those of you who are able to contribute to “Courage, New Hampshire” to do so, TODAY, if possible.

I have publicly chided what I call the “smart money” set, who give you a funny look when you talk about pooling resources to create better entertainment.  The fact is, of course, entertainment will never be a sure bet.  It’s something like betting on your uncle’s next joke.  Some of them have been hilarious, others just earn an awkward silence and staggered exits to the kitchen.  Not even Robin Williams and Steven Spielberg get it right all of the time.

But every year, people with really bad taste and very shallow intellects invest billions of dollars in it, and culturally, we become what we watch.  Even worse, our kids become what they watch.

I will NOT apologize.  Courage, New Hampshire, certainly, is dramatic, fun, romantic, thrilling, BUT IT’S ALSO GOOD FOR YOU.



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