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Production Update — Episode #3

January 19, 2012 James Riley

We had about 25 people at our first episode #3 pre-production meeting and a few of us got together at a fine little Italian place afterwards. Pictured Drew Ganyer, Jonathan Wilson, Adam Schoenberg, James Riley, Frances Romero, Janele Romero-Boose, Lori & Mike Lewis, Mary Riley

We put out the word on pre-production for our first episode 3 meeting yesterday, and the Hawk’s Head Tavern was nearly full of the Colony Bay crew, anxious to weigh in on the next episode, “A Snake in the Garden.”

I don’t believe in writing by committee, but one of the most gratifying things about this team is their passion for story, so I wrote a “plot points” outline and they all gave me some great finishing ideas for increasing tension and deepening our investment in character.

You always have to have something very weighty at stake in a drama — a disease closing in, or a remorseless beast on the prowl, or a simmering, deadly feud between two neighbors, so we debated “the sense of danger” quite a bit.    We also reminded ourselves about one of our unwritten directives — people care more about history if they care about the people involved.   We want to make sure our people start developing comic habits, annoying obsessions and endearing signs of compassion, here and there, so you look forward to seeing them again.

It all starts up towards the end of February.  If you want to be involved, send Jonathan Wilson, our executive producer, a note.   There’s no money involved (yet), but it’s a great chance to learn the craft, and it’s a really fun bunch of people.

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