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Make a New Summer Tradition with Courage, New Hampshire!

July 12, 2012 Monique Lewis

Last Friday, Courage, New Hampshire held its first neighborhood viewing party.

We wanted to create a family-friendly outdoor environment, that would make viewing Courage, New Hampshire a pleasure.

So in an outdoor “drive-in” meets “picnic” style setting, we screened “Episode 3: “A Snake in the Garden” for 30-40 people who had yet to experience the show. (I picked this episode, because it is my favorite episode, so far!)

The drive-in has a long history in America cinema. Mainly for its convenience, the drive-in offers advantages to families who wish to enjoy movies.

A Convenient way to View Film: The drive-in's peak popularity came in the late 1950s and early 1960s, particularly in rural areas, with some 4,000 drive-ins spreading across the United States.

And this is what, we producers, also wanted for this special screening: convenience.

As many of you know, we have been working to gain an audience by making people aware of the show. One way of doing this, is by making the show accessible to its viewers, even if that means we bring the show to them.

Likewise, we believe that Courage, New Hampshire  is a show that is made for families, and it should be viewed and enjoyed by families.

That night, I had talked to the Rambo Family. Their cool last name aside, they had all noted that they had been searching for something that their entire family could enjoy.

“You can only watch so much Disney,” I recall them saying.

So here is another challenge for you:

Let’s make these neighborhood outdoor screenings a summer tradition!

Help us continue to gain momentum for Courage, New Hampshire by hosting a Neighborhood Outdoor Screeining!

It is a pretty simple concept:

Invite 30-50 of your favorite people (family &friends), pick your favorite Courage, New Hampshire DVD to screen, offer some refreshments, and advocate our Indiegogo campaign, by making a SHAMELESS Sales Pitch, during the night.

BOOM! You have, yourself, a party!

We had great conversations that evening, and everyone enjoyed themselves, including the Rambo family.

So, why not, contact me with any questions you may have about hosting one of these nights yourself?

Be Courageous!





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