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Good News and URGENT News…

June 20, 2012 James Riley
Some of the Family Bringing you "Courage, New Hampshire"

Courage, New Hampshire is brought to you by literally hundreds of people -- and some of them even got married to each other this year.

A Year in Review:

Last year at this time, we were getting ready to screen the first episode of Courage, New Hampshire at a Southern California theater. We had been trying, hit and miss, to get people interested in funding the production of a dramatic series, released on DVD, by pre-purchasing it. That takes a lot of faith on the part of the consumer, and understandably, we only raised a small portion of what it cost to film the first show.

So the good news is..

  • This year our sales, week to week, are 700% ahead of last year.
  • Our Facebook Fan page has more than 7,000 fans — more than the fan pages for some BIG, conventionally produced shows.
  • We have garnered awards from film festivals and from the Dove Foundation
  • We really have created a fun little film family.  There have been a few squabbles here and there, but we’ve brought together a lot of people who really love each other and work hard together.

The Urgent News Is..

Until we reach a regular paying audience of 50,000 or more, our production will always be a little precarious.  Dozens of people put in countless hours basically in the hopes of our show turning a profit someday.  Others get far, far, far less than they are worth.  The workman is worthy of his hire, so this kind of selflessness can only go on so long.

How you Can Help..

  • Times are tough for some of you and we know that, but a word to your friends is very valuable.  Share our Buy/Rent page with them.  Share our beautiful production pictures.   Remember to get personal.  Don’t just say “watch this show,” say “I’m in love with Abby Lamb on Courage, New Hampshire!” (And who isn’t in love with Abby?)
  • You can help with as little as $1.95!  That’s what it costs to watch the show, video-on-demand on our site —    You can also join the colony and get 3 DVDs and back stage blog access for $24.95.   (That’s actually what most people do).
  • Some of you are doing pretty well, and you can afford $100 for you and your honey to attend the premiere. Buy those tickets here.
  • Some of you are doing really, really well — and you can afford a $5,000 executive producer credit or a $1,000 personalized director’s chair.  You know we’re doing a great thing, and you know you believe in our cause, so, if you can help.. by all means do it today.

Not an hour goes by where I don’t receive some powerful encouragement, or an offered prayer, of a pat on the back from some of you.  It means a lot.

God bless you all, and thank you — more than you will ever know!



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