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Primary History

Webisode III
Coming 03/30/2015

A Cow Un-Milked

After "taking the waters" at Stafford Springs, Connecticut, 35 year old John Adams opines on the economy and industry of the John Green household. The cow goes un-milked until 9 o'clock, and Mr. Green appears to be a lounger.

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Primary History

June 5, 1771 Mar 30, 2015

Courage, New Hampshire

Webisode 2

Pitch & Moment

September 1771: Simeon Trapp and Merry Pugwell have a late night conversation by the tavern hearth. Trapp wonders what happened to Justice Bramley and ponders the blessings of a new appointment.

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Courage, New Hampshire

Pitch & Moment Mar 19, 2015

Courage, New Hampshire

Webisode 1

Before the Travail

January, 1770: As Sergeant Bob Wheedle prepares to return to Boston from his imprisonment in Courage, we learn that Sarah has special feelings for him.

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Courage, New Hampshire

Before the Travail Mar 10, 2015

Tavern Talk

Webisode I

Scott Riley

Scott Riley discusses the farm's vision, period language in film, his Jimmy Stewart impersonation. Jim and Scott accuse each other of going senile. Jim discusses "Black Sails" - the pirate show.

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Tavern Talk

Talking History, Language Feb 28, 2015

The Raven

Comic 1
Coming 06/01/2015


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The Raven

Jun 1, 2015

NEW: Veteran Screen Actor Returns to the Courage Tavern

In a crowded New England tavern, after a court of general sessions, Merry Pugwell (Chris MacDonnell) can’t sleep;  he shakes off a nightmare and wakes to find Simeon Trapp (Basil Hoffman) in similar straits.  Anxious for company, Pugwell initiates a conversation, but the news Trapp has to offer leaves Pugwell worried his nightmare is just […]

Vignettes from Courage, New Hampshire

  New on Colony Bay:  Alexandra Oliver & Lorraine Pope in “Before the Travail”  If you haven’t seen episode one of Courage, New Hampshire, our seven day free trial offers the hour long episode up free, along with two new Courage, New Hampshire webisodes. “House Arrest” isn’t just a reality in the era of digital ankle bracelets.  During […]

The Life of Riley

Join the Colony and Watch “The Life of Riley” Is there anyone over twelve years old in the English speaking world who hasn’t heard these words at some point in their life: “they should make a reality show about you?” I doubt it.  We certainly hear it a lot.  When you consider our situation here […]

Magic for the Masses

Can little independent companies produce a television channel you’re willing to pay for? A few days ago, my fourteen your old son Gabriel re-discovered the visual wizardry of a young guy who can create glass-shattering car accidents without getting anyone hurt.  He can bring down skyscrapers without real-world tragedy. He can build entire underground command […]

Our Take on Turn

Parental Warning: a few scenes in Turn may not be appropriate for younger children and teenagers. Almost from the moment of its rumored pre-production, I’ve been asked by friends and fans of Courage what I thought about the new Revolutionary War spy series, “Turn” on AMC. A few folks even appear sheepish about it — […]

A Fiesta Siesta

Mortified in light of the recent Dartmouth “Fiesta” fiasco, we offer our apologies for words we may have used without even thinking… First off, an apology. For too long now, I have apparently failed to thank the people of New Hampshire for allowing me to use the term “New Hampshire.” They have also graciously permitted […]

If I Could But Atone..

Golf memories with my dad… I really should be a better golfer. My dad — who was so poor as a child he never really knew how to stop working later in life — allowed himself one semi-unrestrained pleasure: golf clubs, a cart (if it was absolutely required), and a round of golf, perhaps, on […]

The Charming Puzzle

Piecing it Together We inadvertently stumbled onto a pretty big industry party the other night.  Mary and I were off to see a friend’s concert and we booked a room at Pasadena’s historic Langham Hotel, and, frankly, we fell into a crowd that was a tad intimidating.  There we were in our three year old […]

Courage Season II Update

If you’ve been following our posts on Facebook, you know that last week, we called in cast and crew to shoot some second season footage and that we’ve been issuing invitations for crowd funding. Our hard-working director of photography, Drew Ganyer, used three cameras for this last shoot, all hand held, and it made for […]