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The Life of Riley

Episode 2

Cobblestones (test pilot #2)

Jim recruits Harmon and Oz to cobble together a plan for a long overdue project.

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The Life of Riley

Cobblestones-Full Episode Apr 18, 2016

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Episode 1

Country Scholars - Etiquette

Young scholars visit Riley's Farm and learn a few things about 18th century etiquette.

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Ep 1 - Country Scholars Feb 6, 2016

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Fall Afternoon with Jim Tavaré & The Bost Family Traditions

It's a foot stompin' good time when Jim Riley is joined at the Old Wilshire packing shed by British actor, comedian and Courage cast member Jim Tavaré, his wife Laura and the Bost Family Traditions bluegrass band.

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Fall Afternoon - Tavaré Oct 1, 2015

Tavern Talk

Episode 6

Richard Hanna - Part 2

In part 2, Mr. Hanna talks with Jim more about his service in World War II, whether we should have dropped the bomb, his postwar days as a tommy gun-toting adventurer and the current threats to American freedom.

Tavern Talk

Richard Hanna - Part 2 Aug 25, 2015

Tavern Talk

Episode 6

Richard Hanna - Part 1

World War II veteran and longtime friend Richard Hanna drops by the Hawk's Head Tavern to talk with Jim about growing up during the Great Depression and his service in the war.

Tavern Talk

Richard Hanna - Part 1 Aug 5, 2015


Colony Bay Entertainment and “Courage, New Hampshire”

Americans need their story!

The bald truth of the matter is that we don’t get enough of it. A handful of major feature films have been made about the American Revolution and very very few about the formative years from Jamestown to Bunker Hill. America, even today, is still very much about those five generations who braved the New World in the fearful decades between Roanoke and Lexington.

They were a sturdy lot of men and women who dreamed of a city built on a hill. Their struggle to create that city and to sustain a republic dedicated to the rare notion of individual freedom and “unalienable rights” has outlived them, but there’s a side of their story we don’t often study: what made them strong enough to fight?

Courage, New Hampshire is the chronicle of a shire town on the western border of New Hampshire. In those days, the inn keeper was often the justice of the peace as well, and neighborly disputes were moderated at the local public house or tavern. Starting with the winter of 1770, we will be telling the seasonal story of the great events of the era, as seen from a country town distant from the colonial capitals. Each new season of this decade, will take the audience on the road to revolution, along with the citizens of “Courage.”

You can help us tell that story by joining the colony.

..Because one or two movies every twenty years isn’t enough! We want a dramatic series — something you can watch every week.
Let’s get started!