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Primary History

Webisode III

A Cow Un-Milked

After "taking the waters" at Stafford Springs, Connecticut, 35 year old John Adams opines on the economy and industry of the John Green household. The cow goes un-milked until 9 o'clock, and Mr. Green appears to be a lounger.

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Primary History

June 5, 1771 Mar 27, 2015

Courage, New Hampshire

Webisode 2

Pitch & Moment

September 1771: Simeon Trapp and Merry Pugwell have a late night conversation by the tavern hearth. Trapp wonders what happened to Justice Bramley and ponders the blessings of a new appointment.

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Courage, New Hampshire

Pitch & Moment Mar 19, 2015

Courage, New Hampshire

Webisode 1

Before the Travail

January, 1770: As Sergeant Bob Wheedle prepares to return to Boston from his imprisonment in Courage, we learn that Sarah has special feelings for him.

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Courage, New Hampshire

Before the Travail Mar 10, 2015

Tavern Talk

Webisode I

Scott Riley

Scott Riley discusses the farm's vision, period language in film, his Jimmy Stewart impersonation. Jim and Scott accuse each other of going senile. Jim discusses "Black Sails" - the pirate show.

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Tavern Talk

Talking History, Language Feb 28, 2015

The Raven

Comic 1
Coming 06/01/2015


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The Raven

Jun 1, 2015

Salesmen in Black French Berets(Distribution is Art)

I have a humiliating confession to make.  I actually allowed myself to watch the first twenty minutes of

On Working With Family and Friends..

James Riley talks about Drew Ganyer and Lighting…

Okay, for subscribers only, a discussion of lighting and DP Drew Ganyer’s great lighting on a small budget.  

A Glimpse of Courage Music

Pick-up Shots

Today, we’re going to do a pick-up shot of Abraham Foxe questioning one of the witnesses in the tavern court house.     The editors have finished first and 2nd draft cuts of the entire first episode, but we discovered one closeup that we never locked down during the first round. Not bad for a […]

Next Episode II

To better understand the life of the common New Hampshire farmer/patriot of the 1770s, we draw heavily on

The Next Episode — Summer of 1770

 Stories are about characters in conflict, not what Nabokov (I think) called “topical trash.” You can’t just track down an incident from history, or a trend, or a famous person and lock them all in a jar and claim your “narrative bottle” now has weight. That will earn you a sympathy nod, but it usually injures the […]

First Impressions

For my first experience with Courage, NH I was asked to come out to Riley’s Farm, as director of photography, to shoot a

The Dream

Gunsmoke,  Bonanza,  Andy Griffith, The Swamp Fox, Cheers, Frasier, and–um, don’t be scandalized by this: